Online Courses

Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars

….for college courses, when you can learn the same material from a music professor privately for far less?

Whether your goal is to be a professional singer, to learn to sing in a new language, or just to be a better sight-reader, Dr. Richter’s online intensive courses are a great way to learn the same material that you would learn in a college or university course. 

Each online course offers small group size, personal instruction, and meaningful opportunities for practical application and collaboration. 

Dr. Richter has been a university professor and private voice instructor for many years, and has taught each of the courses offered below multiple times in different scenarios and institutions. 

All courses are six weeks, and all courses are virtual during COVID-19.

Online Courses Currently Offered*

Beginning Vocal Techniques

Diction for Singers (Latin, German, Italian, French)

Sight Singing/Ear Training

*(Winter/Spring 2021)

Windward School 2020, Directed by Daniel Koh